The 1-3-5 Rule Notion Template

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The 1-3-5 Rule is a simple but effective method to manage your daily tasks and chores. The Rule helps in creating a list of 9 action items and check off the items from the list.

The Rule is based on the idea that rather than completing just a simple task or just a big task, it is much more fun to mix them up.

This Notion template helps in replicating the technique in Notion and makes it much easier to create a checklist and manage the daily tasks.

The template first consists of a Home page where you can create the template. The template consists of the option of writing 3 different types of tasks. On the template home page, you can dump your tasks, so that you can later pick up daily tasks from here.

With the Notion Template Below are the things you can do:

  • Create a Daily Tasklist.
  • Dump all your action items ideas in one place.
  • Manage your tasks by Month.
  • Easy-To-Do List creation.
  • Easy Organization of Tasks.
  • You can add notes related to the tasks.
  • Special space to brain dump ideas.
  • Add Date and Day of To-Do List
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